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Not So Secret Secrets

This is not just a book...

... It's an entire business building system.

You're getting the digital book plus the companion digital training portal.


Here's what's inside:

 The Entrepreneur's Mindset - Discover the most important Mind-Shift you need to make and why you haven’t made it yet even though you think you have. Avoid the pitfall of sabotaging your business from Day 1 by actively rewiring your brain for success.

✅ Your Unique Expertise - Reconnect with the reason you exist and unleash your unique superpower on the world. No one else has the blend of raw experience and abilities that you do, and when you tap into your power, you’ll be unstoppable.

✅ A Life by Design - Avoid the fate of becoming fully-booked and miserable by creating your lifestyle first and then planning your business around your desired lifestyle, because no one wants a profitable business if it means they have to sacrifice the rest of their life in the process.

 Committing to the Path - Taking a powerful step forward and launching your business means committing to a path of service to a specific audience. You might think you can help everyone, but the truth is you can’t, so focus on those you are most qualified to serve.

✅ The Heart of Your Brand -Ignite your brand with powerful messaging that stands out in the noisy and crowded online marketplace. When you connect with your clients on a deep level, you’ll be able to speak to them in a way that no one else is.

✅ Crafting Your Irresistible Offer - Now that you’re clear on who you’re serving and how you can help them, you’ll design a structured process so that you can guarantee results to the people you work with. Gain a new level of confidence in the service you provide, so you never have to justify price ever again.

 Building Your Tribe - Learn the best methods for building your audience on each of the 4 major social media platforms and how to integrate the Spider Web Strategy for accelerated growth and online credibility.

✅ Value-Driven Sales - Enroll ideal clients without resorting to all the cheesy sales tactics that are so prevalent online. Use my proven system to truly add value to someone’s experience with you regardless of whether or not they enroll so you never have to have another awkward sales conversation ever again.

✅ Rising Above the Noise - Rise above the noise with powerful client results and social proof. Avoid the Entrepreneur’s Hamster wheel of never ending marketing by creating dynamic long term programs that create lasting results for your clients.

✅ Everything I've Used to Grow - Get the rundown on which tech I use to operate my business, and which pieces are a waste of your time.

✅ Eliminating Unnecessary Questions - After you know how to evaluate what you need and what you don’t need, you’ll never have to ask “which software is the best?” ever again.

✅ Action and Momentum - Once you’ve established a base level proficiency with the tools you need, you can begin implementing automations for amplified growth.

✅ Layering Value - Once your Premium offer is selling and your client results are compounding, you’ll create a Leveraged offer so you won’t get burned out and you can continue running your business long term.

 Creating Stability - Learn how to create a solid Automated offer that starts to bring in new leads with little to no effort on your part, so you can cultivate long term relationships and enroll more people into your Premium offer.

✅ Optimizing for Client Results - When you know how to Navigate client fulfillment, you can optimize for client results without sacrificing profits or your leveraged schedule.